PVC Extrusions - PVC Construction Board

Buckhead PVC Construction Board was substitute of traditional plywood construction board which could reuse over 30 times without demolding agent. The PVC crust foam technology makes the board surface smooth with highest impact strength. The recyclable PVC material follows the tendency of environmental protection, and saving your cost as well.

PVC Construction Board Advantages

- highest impact strength through PVC crust foam technology;
- smooth surface which easy to strip from concrete without demolding agent;
- durable and easy to nail, drill and cut to any size you want;
- waterproof and fire retardant;
- color optional with high UV resistance;
- high flexibility - bending 180 degree without break;
- saving cost- reusable over 30 times and material recyclable;
- substitute of traditional plywood and bamboo construction board;
- use for construction formwork, concrete building, furniture, cabinet etc.

PVC Construction Board Technical Date

Standard Size (W×L) 915×1830mm and 1220×2440mm
Thickness Range 10-25mm
Moisture Content Rate 0.6%
Bending Elastic Modulus 1950MPa
Absorbent Thickness Expansion Rate 0.2%
Dimensional Change Rate after Heating 0.06%
Tensile Strength 23.1MPa
Density 0.65 g/cm3