PVC Extrusions - PVC Door Jamb

Buckhead PVC foam door jamb works with both interior and exterior doors, was the perfect replacement for traditional materials. The crust foam technology makes it extremely lightweight with a high impact strength surface.

PVC Door Jamb Features

- work with interior and exterior door or window trim project
- door jamb and door frame were available in different sections
- work just like wood with traditional tools and fasteners
- maintenance free, moist and corrosion resistance, re-paintable
- any custom length with end milling available
- factory warranty for 20 years on aging resistance and normal usage

PVC Door Jamb Technical Date

Standard Width

146mm & 197mm

Standard Length

32-7/16, 34-7/16, 32-1/16, 75-3/4, 81-1/2

Water Absorption


Nail Holding Power

1021 N

Abrsion Resistance

0.07 g/100r

Vicat Softening Point

73 °C

Dimensional Change on Heating

length +0.6%  width +0.6%

Shore Hardness Test

72 HD

Tensile Strength

26 MPa


0.65 g/cm3