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PVC Foam Cladding

Buckhead PVC foam cladding works with both indoor and outdoor, was the perfect replacement for traditional materials. The crust foam technology makes it extremely lightweight with a high impact strength surface. When you choose Buckhead PVC foam cladding, you get the natural beauty of wood combined with durability and low maintenance of PVC-U.

Why Choose Buckhead Premium PVC Foam Cladding?

- work on indoor and outdoor new-build or renovation project

- sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable products

- attractive natural wood appearance to enhance any property

- durable, water-resistant, low-maintenance for long life performance

- quick and easy installation using standard tools

- white, black, brown, redwood or optional color

- factory warranty for 20 years on aging resistance

Buckhead PVC Foam Cladding Is Available In Two Styles

Flat 100 Cladding

Solid cladding planks with natural wood appearance.

Step 150 Cladding

Comprises hollow planks for enhanced insulation with ventilated outer wall for air circulation, providing a continuous, unbroken wall covering.