PVC Windows & Doors - Basement Window

PVC Basement Window

Buckhead PVC basement windows are specifically designed to give concrete and mason contractors a cost-effective solution to foundation windows, and provide homeowners with a bright, airy and easy to use window with excellent fit and finish. Engineered to reduce installation time and deliver years of great performance.


PVC Basement Window Features

- color: White
- glass: 3/4" insulated Low-E glass for energy efficiency
- AAMA standard lead-free vinyl extrusion
- innovative frame design provides larger viewing area
- all vinyl construction resists concrete to permanently secure unit
- outer frame design allows concrete to permanently secure unit
- removable sash,fully weather-stripped and easy to clean
- replaceable sill track
- metal cam type mounted locking system
- poly wrapped to keep clean during installation
- fusion welded outer frame increases structural integrity and prevents leaks
- shipped with removeable wood bracing inside frame for installation

PVC Basement Window Standard Size

Frame Available 7.5" 8.0" 9.5" 10"
Size Available 30"×12" 30"×16" 30"×20" 48"×46"