Outdoor Building Products - PVC Planter & Pet House

Buckhead PVC Planter & Pet House were made by reinforced cellular PVC material which are  perfect replacement for wood in most applications, such as outdoor furniture, deck, handrail, pergola, cladding and pavilion etc. When you choose Buckhead cellular products, you get the natural beauty of wood combined with durability and low maintenance for your outdoor project.

Why Choose Buckhead Cellular PVC Products?

- advanced PVC cellular technology

- natural wood-grain appearance, color optional

- waterproof and fire retardant

- resists stains, scratching, mold, moisture and termites

- no more warping, rotting or splintering

- lighter than most alternatives, but much stronger and more durable

- work just like wood with traditional tools and fasteners

- environmentally friendly, contains no harmful materials

What’s the PVC Planter Looks like?

What’s the PVC Pet House Looks like?