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Buckhead PVC Log House

Buckhead PVC Log was the only market available timber like log for countryside building project which in order to saving forest resources. The cellular technology makes it lighter than timber log which easy for transportation. When you choose Buckhead PVC log, you get the natural beauty of wood combined with durability and low maintenance of PVC-U which will definitely guarantee that you have made a wise investment in your building project.

Why Choose Buckhead PVC Log For Your Building?

- advanced PVC cellular technology, no wood filler, not a wood composite product

- surface with wood-grain lamination film, various patterns available

- resists stains, scratching, mold, moisture, fire, and termites

- no more warping, rotting or splintering

- short construction period, villa project only takes 2 months

- easy transportation, taking apart and moving the building

- log hold each other tight with male and female connection design

- the log with inner independent chamber for electric wire and pipe

- long lasting with low maintenance, no need painting

- over 80% PVC log material was recycle-able

- environmentally friendly, contains no harmful materials