Outdoor Building Products - WPC Deck & Wall Panel

Buckhead WPC offers the best advantages of plastic and wood which was the optimum choice for all outdoor applications by replacing traditional material. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and insect damage to avoid rotting and splintering, the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and offer a natural wood appearance with minimal maintenance. Buckhead WPC could widely used for deck, wall panel, cladding, fencing, railing, corridor, flower box, outdoor furniture etc.

Why Choose Buckhead WPC Deck and Wall Panel?

- looks and feels like real natural wood

- uv-resistant and color stability

- scratch and stain resistance

- anti-impact, moisture and termites;

- 100% recyclable, eco-friendly

- easy installation and maintenance

- both flat and groove system available

- six standard color, custom color available

- DIY snap interlock puzzle tile available

- application: deck, wall panel, cladding, railing, gardening, furniture etc.

- environmentally friendly, contains no harmful materials

Buckhead WPC Deck and Wall Panel Technical Data

Main Material 60% wood fiber, 35% HDPE, 5% additives
Water Absorption 1.2%
Nail Holding Power - Surface 2820 N
Nail Holding Power - Side 2380 N
Static Bending Strength 37.8 Mpa
Bending Elastic Modulus 2721 Mpa
Water Absorption Rate - 24H 0.2%
Temperature Range -40℃ to 60℃
Impart Strength 29.3 J/m
Surface Hardness 15322 N
Density 1.32 g/cm3
Quality Warranty 15 years