PVC Extrusions - PVC Interlocking Panel

What is Buckhead Interlocking Panel?

Buckhead Interlocking Panel is an plastic interlocking wall and ceiling panel that is made from precision exterior grade, extruded lead-free PVC. The interlocking plastic panels provide efficient economical and stylish finish for wall and ceilings. Buckhead Interlocking Panels are water resistant and the finished product provide a waterproof wall or ceiling.

Where Buckhead Interlocking Panel Be Used?

Buckhead Interlocking Panel could be used on Agricultural & Farm Building, Vehicle Wash Room & Garage, Workshop & Warehouse, Shopping Mall & Showing Room etc.

Why Buckhead Interlocking Panel?

- Distincitive Tougue and Groove System, hidden fasterner easy to install;

- Quick and easy installation, both vertical or horizontal;

- 100% exterior grade virgin vinyl throughout;

- Lead-free PVC formulation meet ASTM standard;

- Highest Industry UV protection;

- Bright white, extremely smooth;

- Economical, no painting required;

- Low maintenance, easy to clean;

- Mold and mildew resistant;

- Standard panel width with full accessories;

- Warranty for 15 years;